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At Kensington we understand the link between productivity and protection. This drives us to engineer security elements into all of our products and technology platforms. Businesses, organizations, professional users and consumers each value the assurance provided by our smart. safe. simple brand promise, we apply it to everything we design, manufacture, and market.

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Kensington ComboSaver

Protect your fleet of laptops or Chromebooks and the private information that's on them from theft with the serialised Combination Laptop Lock 25-Pack from Kensington, the #1 Seller of Laptop Locks. A tamper-resistant lock head with push-button engagement easily attaches the T-Bar to the Kensington Security...

Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless

Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Optical Trackball

Kensington Combonation Ultra Laptop Lock

Protect your laptop or Chromebook and the private information that's on it with the Combination Laptop Lock. The push-button design offers one-handed engagement for easy attachment of the T-Bar to the industry-standard Kensington Security Slot found on most laptops. The lock has a 4-wheel number code...

Kensington Wireless Presenter

The Kensington Wireless Presenter lets you remain in control of your presentation from up to 20m / 60 feet away. Conveniently portable and easy-to-use, it frees you from distractions and lets you focus on what really matters - your audience.Features:
  • 2.4GHz wireless USB receiver prevents interference...

Kensington Expert Mouse

The best trackball ever made has just gotten better. Designed for PCs and Macs, the new Expert Mouse employs Kensington's DiamondEye optical technology for smooth, precise cursor movement. Surrounding the ball, is a brand new implementation of Kensington's award winning Scroll Ring that puts scrolling...

Kensington Orbit

Control your cursor with a simple touch of the finger! The highly accurate Orbit Optical is as easy to use as a regular mouse, but it stays in one place saving you valuable desk space. The precise optical tracking mechanism is also resistant to dust, reducing the need for regular trackball cleaning...
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