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Klark Teknik

Klark Teknik

In 1971, brothers Phil and Terry Clarke founded KLARK TEKNIK Research Ltd. Their pioneering approach to design and development allowed them to introduce some truly ground breaking designs. One of the world's first digital delay and digital reverb units emanated from their laboratory, and their descendants remain in common usage all over the world to this day.

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Klark Teknik DN100

The KLARK TEKNIK DN100 Single Channel Active Direct Injection Box is designed to provide an extended dynamic range, lower noise floor and all the world-class audio performance you'd expect from KLARK TEKNIK.The DN100 is built to handle the rigours of life on the road: a thick aluminium shell protects...

Klark Teknik DN200

The KLARK TEKNIK DN200 Dual-Channel Active DI Box delivers the connectivity and exceptional audio performance customers have come to expect from KLARK TEKNIK plus some innovative new features.Housed in a robust alloy case with the same form factor as the hugely successful DN100 single-channel DI, and...

Klark Teknik DN360

The KLARK TEKNIK DN360 has been in continuous production for over twenty years with only one minor design revision, and is still the most popular analogue graphic equaliser on the planet.

With over 35,000 units shipped worldwide to date, DN360 has achieved ubiquity in pro-audio circles. So why...

Klark Teknik DN370

The all-new KLARK TEKNIK DN370 is the latest evolutionary step in a process of design refinement that goes back over 30 years. With DN370weve started from the ground up and produced a unit that is totally without compromise, and one that we believe is the finest professional graphic equaliser in the...

Klark Teknik DN9680

The DN9680 is a premium quality, multi channel KLARK TEKNIK AES50 extender. Designed to stream up to 192 bidirectional channels of 24 bit audio up to 1,000 m via optical fibre or 100 m via CAT5 copper cable.

The DN9680 takes 8 AES50 connections and converts them to a gigabit Ethernet snake format...

Klark Teknik DN32-ADAT

The DN32-ADAT card allows you to seamlessly integrate yourMIDAS M32 or BEHRINGER X32 digital mixing console with any ADAT I/O compatibledevice. This includes stand-alone recorders, digital audio workstations, orother similarly equipped digital mixers and signal processors.

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Klark Teknik DN32-DANTE

The DN32-DANTE expansion card provides up to 32 channels of bidirectional, networked audio to your MIDAS M32 or BEHRINGER X32 mixing console for seamless integration with Dante enabled IP networks. Based on information technology standards, Dante provides uncompressed, multichannel digital media networking,...

Klark Teknik DN32-MADI

MADI devices are widely used in a broad range of pro audio applications including permanent installation, touring sound, live/studio recording, and broadcasting. The DN32-MADI expansion card enables your MIDAS M32 or BEHRINGER X32 digital console to exchange 24-bit multichannel audio streams at 44.1...
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