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M-Audio is a business unit of inMusic Brands that designs and markets digital audio and MIDI interfaces, keyboards and MIDI controllers, synthesizers, loudspeakers, studio monitors, digital DJ systems, microphones, and music software.

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M-Audio SP-1 (sustain pedal)

The M-Audio SP-1 is a simple, compact and sturdy sustain pedal for today's electronic keyboard. The SP-1 is perfect for any application that requires a non-latching momentary switch. It is compatible with all electronic keyboards.Product Features:
  • sustain foot pedal or FS controller
  • for...

M-Audio SP-2

The M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal is the perfect product for keyboard players who want the most realistic pedal action. The SP-2 model is used in the same manner as the sustain pedal on an acoustic piano. This classic-style pedal works with any M-Audio keyboard. Designed to work and feel just like an acoustic...

M-Audio Midisport Uno

M-Audio's smallest and simplest USB MIDI interface, USB Uno offers basic 1 x 1 operation and bus-powered mobility and even comes with its own built-in USB and MIDI cables. What could be simpler?Product Features:
  • 1-in/1-out MIDI interface
  • 16 MIDI input channels
  • 16 MIDI output channels
  • bus-poweredrequires...

M-Audio Bass Traveler

Bass Traveler is a portable headphone amplifier with two 1/8-inch headphone jacks that lets two people listen at the same time to the same signal. Many personal digital music players have a limited output for driving high-quality headphoneswhich may have a higher impedance, a lower passband voltage...

M-Audio EX-P

Feel the need to express yourself fully? M-Audios EX-P expression controller pedal works with all M-Audio MIDI controllers that have an expression pedal input. A built-in polarity switch insures compatibility with most other brands of controllers and keyboards. Use the EX-P to control any assignable...

M-Audio Accent Module

When players want to convert their standalone MIDI controller into a stage piano, free from the restrictive encumbrance of a laptop computer, the M-Audio Accent Module is the perfect solution. This compact unit easily connects to any USB or 5-pin MIDI controller. With 20 built-in voices, it has the ability...

M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32

The perfect centrepiece for your studio!Shatter barriers with the Axiom AIR Mini 32 from M-Audio. Uniting serious power and unmatched ease-of-use, the Axiom AIR Mini 32 is the ultimate tool for the mobile musician. This compact controller provides 32 great-feeling mini keys with plenty of room to play....

M-Audio Code 49 Black

M-Audio Code 49 Black 49-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

M-Audio Code 61 Black

M-Audio Code 61 Black 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

M-Audio Keystation 49

Versatile and Affordable 49-key Controller Keyboard

The Keystation 49es USB controller is equipped with a responsive 49-key synth-action keyboard. Designed for every level of performer, the Keystation 49es will easily integrate into any computer music environment. Offering an expressive pitch...