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Marinco purchased Advanced Devices to complement their industrial connector product offering. Following the acquisition, Marinco and Advanced Devices were unified to create Marinco Power Products to support the growing needs of the industrial and entertainment power connectivity markets. Our breadth of products allows us to be the most flexible power connectivity provider in the marketplace. We are focused on providing our customers with a broad selection of products, enhanced customer service, and continued product innovation to better serve their needs.

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Marinco 5266BL

15amp Male Inline U-Ground Straight Blade Plug Black....

Marinco 5269BL

15amp Female Inline U-Ground Straight Blade Plug Black....

Marinco 205CBL

Marinco 205CBL 20amp Female Inline Twist Locking Plug Black

Marinco 205PBL

Marinco 205PBL 20amp Male In-Line Twist Locking Plug Black

Marinco 305FO

Product Features & Specifications:
  • Single piece conctact with longer beam and ribs increases pressure lowering resistance and reducing heat rise.
  • All screws in the open position ready to wire.
  • Eliminates assembly screws from the front of inlets and outlets, creating a cleaner...

Marinco 5279

Product Features & Specifications:
  • Contacts (outlet): solid brass
  • All nylon construction for durability
  • 5-15R, 15 Amp/125 Volt, 2 Poles/3-wires, straight blade, flanged outlet

Marinco 4720 BL

Marinco 4720 BL 20 Amp Twist Lockj Male BLK

Marinco 4729BL

Marinco 4729BL 20 Amp Female Twist Lock

Marinco CL5266BL

Marinco CL5266BL Male U-Ground BLK

Marinco CL5269BL

Marinco CL5269BL Female U-Groung BLK