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Middle Atlantic

Opening for business in January 1999, Middle Atlantic Canada was established to service the Canadian Rack & Enclosure industry. Middle Atlantic is a world-leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art steel enclosure systems for a wide range of applications, including the structured cabling/ premise wiring/ security/ broadcast/ commercial audio video installation and post production markets. We incorporate application-driven engineering into every system we design to meet the individualized requirements of each installation. Our Head Office and warehousing is located in Ottawa, ON with Accounting, Customer Service and Technical Support.

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Middle Atlantic UTR1

Mount smaller components, wireless units and other gear horizontally with the UTR1 half/third-rack shelf. Now includes hook-and-loop strips for component mounting and features the enhanced ventilation pattern. Constructed from 16-gauge steel with a 25 lb. weight capacity. Finished in a durable black...