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It is difficult to imagine a professional audio studio without a Neumann microphone. For decades, Neumann has been regarded worldwide as the standard-setting, leading manufacturer of studio microphones. Many products introduced in the history of the company have become milestones of professional audio technology. It is no accident that when listing their equipment, audio studios almost always put Neumann microphones at the top of the list they are a recognized sign of a highly professional operation.

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Neumann TLM 102 BK

Neumann TLM 102 BK Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic (Black)

Neumann KT 5

Neumann KT 5 DIN 7 F to XLR 7 M, 5 Meters

Neumann KT 6

Neumann KT 6 DIN 7 F rotatable swivel mount for RSM 191

Neumann KT 8

Neumann KT 8 DIN 8 F to DIN 8 M, 10 Meters

Neumann BS 48 I

Neumann BS 48 I Battery Supply

Neumann BS 48 I-2

Neumann BS 48 I-2 Battery Supply

Neumann MNV 100

Neumann MNV 100 Auditorium Hanger (Black)

Neumann MNV 21 MT

Neumann MNV 21 MT Auditorium Hanger with Tilting Clamp(Black)

Neumann MNV 87

Neumann MNV 87 Auditorium Hanger with Rotating Threaded Stud (Nickel)

Neumann MNV 87 MT

Neumann MNV 87 MT Auditorium Hanger with Rotating Threaded Stud (Black)