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Prompter People

Prompter People

Don't settle for less! Get the quality of the leader in affordable teleprompter systems for about the same price as cheap imitations. Prompter People is the market leader in affordable teleprompter systems. Our teleprompters are used by a wide range of customers including broadcast, cable, corporate, education, ministry as well as video production companies and videographers. Working with such a large range of customers allows us to understand your needs. Call us today and have one of our product specialists configure the perfect teleprompter system for your needs.

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Prompter People PRO15

Proline 15" Teleprompter Kit incl Flip-Q Pro software for PC and Mac on USB, 25 ' ext. cable
  • Lightweight 15"LCD displays
  • Supports any camera size MiniDV to ENG
  • Readable to about 17 feet
  • Flip-Q Pro software for Mac and PC included on USB stick
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Prompter People DA-VGA

VGA Distribution Amplifier Quick Overview VGA Distribution Amplifier, suitable for use with our prompters. A VGA Amp is required to send a signal from one source to multiple prompters, and is strongly recommended if you are using over...

Prompter People Flex-17

Flex Series Teleprompter Quick Overview Light 10.4",15", 17" or 19" LCD displays Supports any camera size MiniDV to ENG, and even DSLR Cameras. Readable to about 27 feet depending on LCD selected Flip-Q Lite software license for Mac and PC included, upgrade...

Prompter People KIT-RED

Extra Camera mount assembly and tripod plate for extra support. (Camera in photo not included)...

Prompter People PRO-17

The ProLine 17 comes completely assembled and ready to use right out of the included padded carry case. Just add your camera and connect to your tripod. When you are done prompting the beamsplitter folds flat for instant breakdown. The monitors are self-reversing and can display prompting with the included...

Prompter People REM-SHUTEX

Wired Remote Quick Overview Wired Remote, suitable for use with Flip-Q and any of our Teleprompters. PC or Intel based MAC. Available with presets for Flip-Q teleprompting software. ...
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