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Quantum5X (Q5X) is a privately owned corporation that specializes in wireless solutions for challenging audio problems in sports, broadcast and entertainment. Founded in 2002, Q5X first set out to create wireless mics that are tough enough and unobtrusive enough to be worn by professional athletes. Q5X succeeded in creating a line of wireless transmitters unparalleled in comfort, strength, and concealability, and a groundbreaking system for Remote Control by computer. In a short amount of time, Q5X has revolutionized audio capture in pro sports and become a leader in wireless sports audio, with installations in dozens of major sporting arenas, and systems in use by almost all major TV networks. These advancements in sports audio have translated exceptionally well into other fields, surpassing traditional radio mics with a mature, unrivalled solution for live theatre, reality shows, film and television series, public speaking and other live events. Based in London, Ontario, Canada, Quantum5X is a fast growing company focused on research and development to lead the industry with smart, small, and tough wireless audio technology.

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Q5X QR-2000 (B-Stock)

ONLY 1 B-STOCK UNIT AVAILABLE.The QR-2000 from Q5X is a broadcast quality true diversity dual receiver for wireless microphones. This receiver comes with 256 pre-programmed channels; The QR-2000 is specially designed to work in harmony with the QT-256 mini wireless transmitter. Presently the QR-2000...

Q5X QT-256 (B-Stock)

ONLY 1 B-STOCK UNIT AVAILABLE.The QT-256 from Q5X is the worlds smallest broadcast quality audio transmitter. Roughly the size of two AA batteries, its easy to conceal and comfortable to wear; actors adore it. The QT-256 is the first transmitter unobtrusive enough to be worn by professional athletes...


Toggle or Push Button, Non-Audio Popping RefSwitch for use with QT-256 Dual and QT-256 transmitter....

Q5X QG-H1 Mic Commander

Hand Held Remote controller (USB Network Gateway) for use with all Q5X - RCAS products....


1000 Channel Dual Diversity, Mini-Mobile-ENG receiver with DCS-Technology....

Q5X QT-300 AquaMic

Completely SubmersibleThe QT-300 AquaMic is the waterproof version of the Award Winning QT-300 BeltPack Transmitter. The QT-300 AquaMic is completely waterproof, fully submersible, and only a tiny bit larger than the original QT-300 BeltPack.Trial by WaterUsed in professional kiteboarding competitions...
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