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QUIK-LOK is a famous brand known worldwide, due to its reliability, creativity and innovative abilities in providing new solutions to meet musicians' problems. QUIK-LOK was able to gain an important market share throughout its many years of experience in the music field, offering high quality products, designed and manufactured to excellent standards, and ensuring the best service, after sales assistance and complete customer satisfaction at all times. At QUIK-LOK, all products, from start to finish, are designed and produced using only the finest quality materials and the industry's most technologically advanced machines ranging from automated welding robots, metal tube contouring equipment, a computer controlled steel cutting laser and a state-of-the-art powder painting facility.

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Quiklok RS247-D-1

Quiklok RS247-D-1 Rack Screw With Allen Wrench Head

Quiklok A305BK

Quiklok A305BK Short Tripod Mic Boom Stand

Quiklok A156BK-AM

Truly innovative (patent-pending) and unique microphone boom arm designed to mic any grand piano in the most ideal way, so as to preserve and emphasize its acoustic characteristics, avoiding the congestion of several floor microphone stands all around the piano.Can be easily and securely anchored to...

Quiklok SL-931

Angle, height & depth adjustable tier add-on for SL/930 Slant Stand...

Quiklok BS-300

Height Adjustable Near-Field Monitor StandDesigned for home, project and professional recording studiosAll-steel, arc welded construction. NO fibre or chipboardAttractive design incorporating cable managementStable, three-point triangle base with adjustable levelling floor spikesSturdy metal top plate...

Quiklok Z-735

Accessory clamp for use withSL/930 Slant Stand- Required for connection (atany one of 14 height positionsavailable) to stand column ofoptional add-ons model QLX/4,QLX/5, LPH/X, IPS/11, IPS/13...

Quiklok GS450-QL

Lower cradles designed to hold either acoustic or electric guitars firmly in place. Soft, rubberized cushioning protects guitars from scratches and will not mar finish. Folds down without tools to a convenient portable size for transport. Ideal for use on stage or studios, but also great for store displays,...

Quiklok RS/10 AM

  • Table top rack stand for studios or store displays
  • Supplied with rack hardware
  • RS-10 EU - Uses European 6 mm hardware
  • RS-10 AM - Uses merican 10/32 hardware
  • Height: 26.3" (from tilt adjustment knob to floor)
  • Width:...

Quiklok A/50 AM

Height Adjustable Tripod Studio Boom Stand with casters
  • Perfect stand for any recording, broadcast or live show application
  • Tripod leg design - using SOLID STEEL LEGS not tubing - provides stable base for use with all kinds of studio mics
  • Easy-roll locking casters secure the stand...

Quiklok Z-250-BK-CY

Triple shelf workstation with Cherry wood tops and pull-out shelfDimensions:

Main shelf dimensions

Height from floor: 28.9" - 73.5 cm

Width: 44" - 111.8 cm

Depth: 22" - 55.9 cm

Thickness: 3/4" - 18 mm

Top shelf dimensions

Height from floor: 36"...