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RCF was founded in 1949 in Reggio Emilia, an Italian city with a reputation for engineering and innovation as rich as its cultural heritage. Over the years the company has established itself as a world leader in the design, production and marketing of high-technology Professional and Commercial Audio products. Throughout its history RCF has continued to expand and diversify, and now satisfies every sound and music reproduction need: from single systems to large-scale, complex projects. For more than 60 years, RCFs main administrative, R&D and production facilities have been in Reggio Emilia, where the company has a workforce with a diverse range of skills, united by their passion for sound, willingness to innovate and commitment to quality and performance.

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RCF EVOX FOLDING KART Trolly for Evox 5-8 Covers


The ART Cover 312 is a carry bag for the ART 312a, ART322A, ART325A, ART315A, and all the passive versions of the same speaker. The cover can be left on during performances. There is a front flap that can be unzipped and folded down, and the bottom of the bag has a flap to allow you to pole mount the...


Protection cover for RCF EVOX 12 subwoofer and speaker....


RCF COVER EVOX 5 Cover for RCF Evox 5


RCF COVER EVOX 8 Cover for RCF Evox 8

RCF 4PRO 1031-A

The RCF 4PRO 1031-A is a two-way active bass reflex loudspeaker offering extraordinary compact size, high output and vocal fidelity. It provides low distortion and consistent polar response in a flyable lightweight enclosure. The 4PRO 1031-A comprises a 10" woofer and a 1.4" voice coil compression driver...

RCF 4PRO 2031-A

The 4PRO 2031-A is a two-way active bass reflex loudspeaker offering exceptional full range and accurate reproduction. The 12" woofer delivers a fast and accurate reproduction of the midbass frequency range and controlled deep bass while the 1" compression driver offers a very open and natural midrange...

RCF 4PRO 3031-A

The RCF 4PRO 3031-A is a perfect two-way active bass reflex loudspeaker for live sound situations where extra vocal punch and extremely accurate high frequency response is needed. A superb bass punch is guaranteed by the high power 15 low distortion woofer. The 4PRO 3031-A comprises a 15 woofer and a...

RCF 4PRO 5031-A

The RCF 4PRO 5031-A is a self-powered, lightweight two-way full bandwidth loudspeaker system equipped with two 15 woofers and a 1.7 voice coil diaphragm, compression driver mounted to a constant directivity horn. The 90 angle is wide enough to provide coverage of an audience when used one per side, yet...

RCF 4PRO 8003-AS

The 4PRO 8003-AS is a vented, high output, active subwoofer system where the punch of a single 18 is desired. It is powered by a 1000 W compact and lightweight digital amplifier and the port area has been carefully designed for reduced distortion. It works equally well for portable or install applications...