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Rapco is a world leader in pro audio solutions and manufactures a variety of different cables and other pro audio products.

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Rapco 12GA.K

Rapco 12GA.K 12/2 Speaker Cables (Price Per Foot)

Rapco 14GA.K

Rapco 14GA.K 14/2 Speaker Cable (Price Per Foot)

Rapco 16GA.K

Rapco 16GA.K 16gau Raw 2con Speaker Cable

Rapco MIC2.K

Rapco MIC2.K 22/2 Shielded CSA Audio Cable (Price Per Foot)

Rapco ST1/2.K-FLEX

Rapco ST1/2.K-FLEX 1/2in Black Expandable Cable Sleeve

Rapco SN12-IJIS

Rapco SN12-IJIS 12 Channel Snake Cable per foot

Rapco ST1-1/4.K-FLEX

Rapco ST1-1/4.K-FLEX 1-1/4in Flexible Cable Wrap Per Foot

Rapco SN4-IJIS

Rapco SN4-IJIS 4 Channel Snake Cable per foot

Rapco DB-1

The DB-1's simple design offers reliable input jacks as well as a loop-through 1/4 inch jack.Plug any instrument level signal (and some line level) into the box, interface with a standard XLR mic cable into the Lo-Z output, and you're ready to plug the output "directly" into a mixing console.A ground...


TDIBLOX is a consumer to pro interface. It converts input from consumer grade equipment (tape decks or CD players) to a mic level balanced output. Gives operator volume control of the outgoing stereo signal. RCA male inputs and XLR male output....