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Professional guitar effect pedal board.

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Rockboard CLUBGB

Rockboard CLUBGB 43x 31 cm Board w/ Gig Bag

Rockboard STAGEGB

Rockboard STAGEGB 61x31 cm Board w/ Gig Bag

Rockboard Power LT

Rockboard Power LT Mobile Power Supply for Effect Devices

Rockboard Power LT XL

The RockBoard Power LT XL is a mobile, space-saving, lightweight, rechargeable, high-performance, and cost-effective power supply for 9V DC effect pedals with an additional USB port for chaging mobile phones and devices....

Rockboard Step Up Kit

Rockboard Step Up Kit Pedal Height Increase Set

Rockboard UKIT2

Rockboard UKIT2 Power Supply Mounting Kit

Rockboard MOD3

The RockBoard Modules are simple all-in-one patchbays for the RockBoard series pedalboards. Fitting all new RockBoards except the Duo 2.1, they provide various cable connections to fit a wide variety of needs as a convenient through box. Manage all connections to and from your effects setup in one place...
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