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Rosco, founded in 1910, is still best known for the products it originally manufactured: filters for entertainment lighting.

The company now offers products in more than a dozen categories. These include gobos (or patterns), correction filters for film lighting, fog and haze machines, dance floors, scenic paint and backdrops for theatre and film/video.

Rosco also has innovated a number of lighting equipment products, including rotators, projectors, intelligent mirrors and LitePad, a remarkable LED-based fixture.

The company has been honored with four awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the "Oscars"). The awards were for Rosco's Cinegel range of lighting filters and the CalColor range of lighting filters. Other awards were won for the company's backdrops and fog machines.

Rosco's headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut, with other US facilities near Austin, Texas and Hollywood, California. A truly multi-national company, Rosco maintains fully staffed businesses in Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, and Spain.

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Rosco 3204

Mired Shift -68 Boosts 3200K sources to 4100K. A partial conversion to compensate for varying daylight conditions and voltage reduction, or to boost aging HMI lamps and yellowed soft lights. Deep-dyed base. Transmission = 52%.FStop: -0.9s...

Rosco Dance Floor Black/Grey

This highly portable vinyl floor is excellent for situations where a permanent dance floor cannot be installed. Dance Floor is lightweight (less than 2 pounds per linear foot, 255 pounds per roll) and flexible, so it can be rolled and unrolled as needed. This makes the floor ideal for situations such...

Rosco Adagio Grey

Rosco Adagio Grey Grey Flooring 63-inch - per linear foot

Rosco Dance Floor Black-White

Rosco Dance Floor Black-White Vinyl Flooring

Rosco GaffTac 2Inch Black

Rosco GaffTac 2Inch Black Gaff Tape 50m

Rosco GaffTac 2Inch Grey

Rosco GaffTac 2Inch Grey Gaff Tape 50m

Rosco GaffTac 2Inch White

Rosco GaffTac 2Inch White Gaff Tape 50m

Rosco Black Floor Tape

Rosco Black Floor Tape Black Vinyl Dance Floor Tape

Rosco 3408

Mired Shift +81 Converts 5500K daylight to 3800K. Used when partial correction is desired or when daylight is below 4500K. Optically clear. (Transmission = 73%).(FStop: -0.5s)...

Rosco Lux 3220

Rosco Lux 3220 Sheet