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Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan

Weve been lucky. And we know it. We get to make art, music, and friends all day, every day. Heres how we set the right tone in our community - by paying our good fortune forward.

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Seymour Duncan 11202-14

Seymour Duncan 11202-14 STL3 Tele Lead Quarter Pound

Seymour Duncan SH1NBK

A vintage-voiced, extremely versatile neck pickup that pairs well with most bridge humbuckers.

The 59 Model neck pickup is one Seymour Duncan's our most popular pickups because its so versatile. Its designed in the spirit of the original PAF humbuckers of the 1950s, with sweet sustain, full-sounding...

Seymour Duncan SHR1NWH

Seymour Duncan SHR1NWH Strat Hot Rail Neck White

Seymour Duncan Active Mag Pickup

A warm and natural sounding active magnetic sound-hole pickup that captures and accentuates the bestqualities of your acoustic guitar. Voiced to accentuate the best qualities of your acoustic guitar, Active Mag is a high-quality humcanceling magnetic Stack pickup. Active Mag captures the detail and dynamics...

Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB

For nearly four decades, the legendary JB Model has been the ultimate hot-rodded humbucker. A truly modern classic.The JB Model humbucker is Seymour Duncan's most popular pickup of all time. Blues, country, fusion, punk, hard rock, grunge, thrash; the JB has always sounded just right, even as new genres...

Seymour Duncan SH-PG1B Pearly Gates

The Pearly Gates bridge captures all the mojo of the original bridge pickup from Billy Gibbons 1959 Les Paul. Seymour discovered the pickup had slightly more output than most P.A.F.s, which helped to give it the extra drive that makes this pickup so special. The Alnico 2 bar magnet keeps the high end...

Seymour Duncan Catalina Chorus

A versatile analog chorus with an innovative Dynamic Expression mode, this pedal gives you comprehensive depth control depending on how hard you play.

Some guitarists like their chorus to be subtle and traditional. Others prefer bold and unique. The Catalina Dynamic Chorus is designed to do...

Seymour Duncan 59 Neck - 7 String

While these vintage style coils give the 59 neck pickup an airy quality that keeps it planted firmly in the P.A.F. family, the alnico 5 bar magnet, and vacuum wax potting have been added to accommodate lighter guitar strings and louder amplifiers than were ever used in the 50s. The result is a pickup...

Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker - 7-String

This is the 7-string version of Seymour Duncan's most popular humbucker. Designed in the early 70s, the JB Model humbucker is their most popular pickup of all time. It adds juice and versatility to the bridge position of any humbucker equipped guitar. With its hot coils, and alnico 5 bar magnet, this...

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Tele Set

The Quarter Pound for Tele Set delivers humbucker level punch and saturation in a true single coil package....