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The Shubb Capo company began in California in 1974, when Dave Coontz and I collaborated to design and produce our fifth string capo for banjo. Before that, I worked as a professional 5-string banjo player and teacher, and Dave was an auto mechanic and a banjo student of mine. One night at his lesson, I was talking about my dissatisfaction with existing methods of capoing the fifth string. I described an idea that I had for a fifth string capo that operated on a lever principle, so that it would provide sufficient pressure for a good tone, and ranted about how I couldn't get anyone in the music products trade interested in making one. Finally, he said "if nobody else will make you one, I will."

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Shubb SHUBB-C1

Shubb SHUBB-C1 Guitar Capo Nickel

Shubb SHUBB-C4 (Noir)

Shubb SHUBB-C4 (Noir) Capo


Shubb SHUBB-C1B Guitar Capo Brass

Shubb SHUBB-C2

Shubb C2N Original C Series Nylon String Nickel Capo...


Shubb SHUBB-C6B Dobro Capo (Brass)

Shubb Fifth String Capo for Banjo

This was the product that got it all started for us back in 1974, and to this day it's STILL the only fifth string capo worth putting on a banjo. It operates on a lever principle, not a spring, so it provides sufficient pressure to fret the string without muting the tone. It slides on a slim, dovetailed...

Shubb SHUBB-C3

The Shubb C3 Original 12 String Guitar Capo features a patented locking action which provides an unrivalled combination of power, speed, accuracy and ease of use. The Shubb C3 12 String Capo doesn't create tuning problems. Its soft, resilient rubber is specially designed to work just like a fingertip,...


Shubb Capo in stunning black chrome finish, now featuring the roller design and contoured lever. Capo Noir!...

Shubb SHUBB-S1

The Shubb Deluxe, crafted of solid stainless steel and featuring the roller design. Made in the USA....

Shubb SHUBB-S3

The Shubb Deluxe, crafted of solid stainless steel and featuring the roller design. Made in the USA.Deluxe 12-String Guitar Capo Steel....