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We make it easy for IT professionals to identify, find, get and use the hard-to-find parts they need to enable their business solutions. is committed to providing our customers with quality products. We continuously focus on our products and packaging to ensure they appear and function as expected by IT professionals and deliver a consistent brand experience. We deliver products, services, and customer support according to StarTech.coms industry-leading standards for quality. Our goal is to deliver error-free results, and exceed the expectations of our customers in everything we do.

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Startech 1394_99_6

Startech 1394_99_6 6 ft 1EEE-1394 Firewire Cable

Startech TBOLTMM1M

Our 1m (3.28ft) Thunderbolt cables offer a high quality solution for harnessing the speed and power of Thunderbolt technology, delivering full 10Gbps performance while combining both data and video into a single high-performance cable.The cables support daisy chaining of up to 6 compatible devices, which...


Startech DISPLPORT6L 6ft display port


The HDMIDVIMM6 6-foot HDMI to DVI-D cable enables you to connect a DVI-D video card (or other DVI-D output device) to a display that incorporates HDMI technology; the cable supports bi-directional operation that also allows the reverse configuration, delivering digital video from an HDMI-enabled output...

Startech HDMM15

Startech HDMM15 15-Foot HDMI Cable

Startech HDMM25

The HDMM25 High Speed HDMI cable (25 ft) features 2 gold-plated HDMI (male) connectors and durable high quality construction to provide a dependable HDMI to HDMI connection between devices such as Blu-Ray Disc players, HDTVs, DVD Players, stereo receivers, projectors and more.This high quality HDMI cable...

Startech MDP2HDVGA

ravel A/V adapter: 2-in-1 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI or VGA converter...

Startech DS51072

The DS51072 5-Port Ethernet Network Switch enables up to 5 users to share files and devices (e.g. printers, scanners) over a LAN connection, by expanding an existing network's capacity with additional ports.Compatible with both 10Base-T (10 Mbps) and 100Base-TX (100Mbps) networks, this Fast Ethernet...

Startech 45PATCH25BK

Startech 45PATCH25BK 25ft Cat5e Snagless Cable Black

Startech USB3SAB10BK

Startech USB3SAB10BK 10ft USB3 Cable