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TORTECH Engineered Sound Products and FANON are well established company names, offering a comprehensive line of top quality products. The company offers fast and economical access to sound products from our worldwide productions. Our excellent manufacturing capabilities give us the leading edge. This permits us to help you solve your complex customer design needs. The company is small enough to give you personalized service, yet large enough to assure professional results. Since our start up in the 1970s, we have built a satisfied customer base across Canada and the United States. We pride ourselves on being able to handle your specialized sound needs. TORTECH has made its mark with the help of our loyal customers in so many installations that it is too numerous to list. We do our best at producing quality products that meet our customers needs. We are constantly inspired by our customers to engineer new and innovative items. We always look for new engineering challenges and are constantly looking to improve the quality of all products.

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Tortech T720

Tortech T720 20watt Transformer

Tortech EMS550T

Tortech EMS550T Black 70 Speakers

Tortech VC1070TD

The Tortech VC1070TD is a colume control with a white plate and control knob.Selecting the right attenuator:The Attenuator you install needs to be rated for a power equal to or greater than the speaker transformer settings. If the attenuator is controlling only one speaker with a transformer set at 10...

Tortech Flange Mount

Tortech Flange Mount for Goosenecks

Tortech TT610K

4 3/4 Inch mica cone co-axial subwoofer, 1 Inch mylar cone tweeter, mica cone with rubber edge, 10 Ounce magnet, and built in mounting clamps...

Tortech EVC150DX

Tortech EVC150DX 8ohm Volume Remote (White)

Tortech 8CXP20/16T

The 8CXP20/16 8" ceiling speaker has been engineered by Tortech to give you a powerful music and voice speaker without compromise to quality, reliability, performance and efficiency. A smooth music response with an excellent bass response for those critical situations where quality is required....

Tortech EMS880B

Tortech EMS880B 8in & Tweeter Speaker

Tortech U19

Tortech U19 19" Gooseneck

Tortech WP3FSS

Tortech WP3FSS XLR Female Wall Plate