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USHIO America, Inc. is constantly challenging the global market by providing new and better lighting for the future, today. Since its establishment in 1967, USHIO America Inc. has developed its product technology to include a wide variety of light sources used in many different markets. Here at USHIO America Inc., our primary product focus is on discharge and halogen lamp technology. As a specialist in industrial light sources, USHIO America works in partnership with many advanced companies to develop new and innovative products. Our goal at USHIO America, Inc. is to meet the comprehensive needs of our customers through market-directed product engineering, manufacturing process control and breadth of product offering.

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Ushio HPL750

Ushio HPL750 watt 120v Long Life Lamp

Ushio 64514 (U)

Ushio 64514 (U) JCD 120v 300w Lamp

Ushio BTL (U)

Ushio BTL (U) 500w 120v Lamp

Ushio DYS

Ushio DYS 600w 120v Lamp

Ushio ELC-5

Ushio ELC-5 500hr Lamp

Ushio FDN

Ushio FDN 500w 120v Lamps

Ushio FEL (U)

Ushio FEL (U) 1000542 1000w 120v Lamp

Ushio HPL375

Ushio HPL375 watt 120v Lamp

Ushio HPL575

USHIO's high performance lamp HPL+, has been redesigned to be the most powerful HPL ever. Its ultra-compact filament geometry now improves the optical efficiency of your ETC Source Four fixtures to produce up to 20% more fixture lumens. That's up to 20% more light from the same fixture as compared to...

Ushio BTR Ushio JCS120V-1000WCP28

Ushio BTR Ushio JCS120V-1000WCP28 1000087