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Whirlwind offers the larges range of professional interfacing products in the world and the finest most extensive custom service capabilities available. Weve earned a reputation not only for innovation, but for building rugged road worthy products backed by a group of dedicated people that pour their passion into everything they do.

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Whirlwind MicMute-PT

The Whirlwind Micmute boxes offer passive switching solutions for controlling the on and off conditions of a microphone or balanced line signal via footswitch or finger switch operation.

There are three styles, which cover all the essential mic control functions. Each style of Micmute is available...

Whirlwind ISOXL

The ISOXL from Whirlwind is a compact line-level isolation transformer that provides an easy way to isolate an audio line when a quick fix is needed. The unit has XLR male and female connectors, and the shield is lifted from input to output....

Whirlwind Cab Driver

The CAB DRIVER is a test device for checking the operation of the speaker components within enclosures. A pink noise signal source is sent through pushbutton selectors to an assortment of speaker connectors, including Speakon NL8 and NL4, 1/4" TS and banana jacks.The pink noise level can be adjusted...

Whirlwind QBox

Whirlwind QBox Audio Line Tester

Whirlwind HBB

Our passive headphone breakout box divides a standard power amplifier output to feed 6 separate headphone outputs. A resistor divider network protects your amp and helps compensate for differences in brands and models of headphones. Multiple boxes can be daisy-chained together with Whirlwind ST Series...

Whirlwind THS-1

The Whirlwind THS-1 is the first in a series of sports announcer boxes that combine high quality headphone amplification with various microphone control options.Product Features:
  • Left and right balanced line level inputs with volume control
  • Additional mono Aux input feeds both left and...

Whirlwind Wall Frame Door, 1 inch

Wall Frame DoorPart number: WFFD12X1KITThe Whirlwind WFFD12X1KIT and WFFD12X2.5KIT are flush mount, hinged door assemblies that attach to a 12x 12 NEMA Type 1 box. These units provide an attractive, locking door for Whirlwind wall frames that recess connector panels inside the backbox. Two recess depths...

Whirlwind LIFTER

The Whirlwind Lifter inline ground lift connector is ideal for troubleshooting ground lift problems. The Whirlwind Lifter features a female to male XLR 3-pin design that disconnects pin one to isolate the ground of a balanced audio signal. Now you don't have to cut your valuable XLR cable's shield wire...

Whirlwind DBMM-010

DB25 male to 8 male XLRs, 10'Product family: Connect SeriesType: DB25...