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Digiflex HIN-1S-2RB-10

Stereo TRS output to dual RCA


Digiflex HIN-1K-2RB-6

Professional 6-foot mini-jack (1/8-inch TRS) to dual (stereo) RCA cable....

Digiflex H2R2RB-6

Digflex's Two RCA Male to Two RCA Male Cable. Two (2) Neutrik REAN RCA plugs to two (2) RCA plugs with a 2-channel audio patch cable....

Digiflex HIN-1K-2RB-3

Neutrik REAN 18" mini TRS plug to two (2) RCA plugs splitter cables...

Hosa YPR-124

This Hosa Mono 1/4" Male to 2 RCA Male Y-Cable can be used to split a mono 1/4" signal to two RCA connections.
  • Length: 6" (15 cm)
  • Shielding: OFC Spiral
  • Connector 1: 1x 1/4" male
  • Connector 2: 2x RCA male

Hosa GXM-133

RCA Female to XLR Male. XLR PIN-2 goes to the center contact of the RCA, this carries the signal. XLR PINs-1 and 3 are tied together and carry the Ground via the Chassis. This connects to the Surround of the RCA....

Digiflex HSSB-10

Digiflex HSSB-10 M 10ft 1/4in TRS Musicflex Cable

Digiflex NXMR-10

Digiflex NXMR-10 10ft XLR Male to RCA

Digiflex NSS-50

50 foot balanced audio cable with Neutrik NP3C Connectors...

Digiflex NRR-10

Digiflex NRR-10 RCA Patch Cable