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Digiflex HXX-50

50ft Musicflex XLR Cable from Digiflex. Musiflex series entry-level XLR microphone cables are assembled overseas by Neutrik China. Very competitive in price. Molded plastic strain relief and a quality twisted pair cable is perfect for moderate use....

Digiflex N1-XX

Digiflex N1-XX 1ft XLR Cables

Digiflex C10-XX-C4-BLACK

Digiflex C10-XX-C4-BLACK Studioflex 10ft Microphone Cable

Digiflex C25-XX-C4-BLACK

Studio quality XLR microphone cable made with Neutrik connectors and Canare cabling....

Digiflex N15-XX

Digiflex N15-XX Microphone Cable

Digiflex N100-XX

The Digiflex N100-XX is a100-foot microphone cable featuring XLR-Male to XLR-Female Neutrik connectors....

Digiflex N50-XX

The Digiflex N50-XX is a 50-foot microphone cable featuring XLR-Male to XLR-Female Neutrik connectors....

Marshall MX10ft

Marshall MX10ft XLR 10-ft

Marshall MX3M

Professional microphone cabled for master studio recording and HDTV audio broadcasting. Designed for best possible fidelity OFC high conductivity copper Wide frequency response High cancellation of hum and noise...

Digiflex C6-XX-C4-BLACK

Digiflex C6-XX-C4-BLACK Studioflex 6ft Microphone Cable