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Digiflex NGG-0.5

1/4" Right Angle Instrument Patch Cable, The NGG series has right angle connectors at both ends....

Digiflex NPP-15

Digiflex NPP-15 15ft 1/4in Instrument Cable

Digiflex HPP-3

3-ft TS professional cable for connecting instruments....

Digiflex NPP-20

The Digiflex NPP-20 1/4" instrument audio patch cable, 20' in length....

Digiflex NGG-1

Digiflex NGG-1 1ft Patch Cable (Right Angle Phone Connectors)

Digiflex HPP-15

Digiflex HPP-15 15ft Guitar/Instrument Cable

Digiflex NPP-6

6 foot NK1/6 Digiflex Patch Cable and 1/4 to 1/4 TS Phone Neutrik Connectors...