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Popular Speaker Cables & Adaptors

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Neutrik NL4MMX

Coupler: Speakon Female to Speakon Female. Use this coupler to join two Speakon terminated cables together. Works with NL2FC (2-pole) and NL4FC (4-pole). Locks into place for permanent attachment....

Digiflex HSP-2-15-25

Digiflex HSP-2-15-25 1/4ft to 1/4ft Speaker Cable

Apex SP4-3SB

Only 4 cables available. Discontinued model.Yorkville SP4-3SB 3 Feet 4X20 Gauge Speakon TO 2 Banana...

Neutrik NA4LJX

This clever adapter lets you connect to any power amp or speaker cabinet that has a Speakon jack, without cutting off the ends of your 1/4 in. cables. Simply slip the 1/4 in. end onto your speaker cable and the Speakon end can be plugged into the amp or cabinet.speakON NL4FC - 1/4'' mono jack adapterWiring:...

Digiflex L50-2-14-N4

Digiflex L50-2-14-N4 NL4 to NL4 50ft Speaker Cable

Digiflex L25-2-14-SP-N4

Digiflex L25-2-14-SP-N4 25ft 14/2 Speaker - Phone to NL4 Connectors

Digiflex L5-2-14-SP

14 Gauge Speaker Cable with 1/4" NYS225 phone plugs...

Digiflex L5-2-16-SP

Digiflex L5-2-16-SP 5ft - 1/4in Speaker Cable

Digiflex L25-2-14-N4

Digiflex L25-2-14-N4 NL4 to 1/4in 25ft Speaker Cable

Digiflex L25-2-14-SP

25' Tourflex Speaker Cable (Phone-Phone, 14 AWG, 2 Conductor)...