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Digiflex N15-XFP

Digiflex Professional Touring Series microphone cables have the perfect mix of proven high quality and ruggedness to withstand the rigours of professional touring. A high density pure copper shield and tightly twisted conductors combined with a very flexible jacket ensure these audio patch cables will...

Digiflex HSSB-15

Digiflex HSSB-15 15ft TRS Cable


The PG-10 is a 10cm premium gold flat patch cable is an original design by EBS, and the luxury version of the world renowned PCF cable. This might be the most compact patch cable in the world while offering professional quality signal and shielding.Contact housing made of 24 Carat Gold Plated Die Cast...


EBS PG-18 Cable

Digiflex H2R2RB-6

Digflex's Two RCA Male to Two RCA Male Cable. Two (2) Neutrik REAN RCA plugs to two (2) RCA plugs with a 2-channel audio patch cable....

Digiflex HIN-1K-2RB-3

Neutrik REAN 18" mini TRS plug to two (2) RCA plugs splitter cables...

Digiflex HXMSB-10

Digiflex HXMSB-10 XLR (male) to 1/4-Inch TRS (male) (10-feet)

Digiflex N3-XMS

Digiflex N3-XMS 3ft XLR to 1/4ft TRS

Digiflex NGG-0.5

1/4" Right Angle Instrument Patch Cable, The NGG series has right angle connectors at both ends....