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Digiflex HIN-1S-2RB-10

Stereo TRS output to dual RCA


Digiflex HIN-1K-2RB-6

Professional 6-foot mini-jack (1/8-inch TRS) to dual (stereo) RCA cable....

Digiflex HIN-1K-2PB-6

6ft pro splitter cable 1/8" Mini TRS to 2 x TS Phone Plugs...

Digiflex CY-1FX-2MX-1

Digiflex CY-1FX-2MX-1 1 XLRF To 2 XLRM

Hosa MIT-176

Hosa MIT-176 XLRF To 1/4in Male Impedance Transformer

Digiflex HIN-1K-2RB-10

Digiflex HIN-1K-2RB-10

Digiflex HIN-1S-2RB-6

Digiflex HIN-1S-2RB-6 6 Foot Pro Splitter Cable TRS to 2 x RCA Plug

Digiflex NKXF-6

Balanced XLR to portable recording device


Rode SC7

3.5mm TRS to TRRS patch cable. Allows the VideoMic GO and similar devices to connect to TRRS compatible devices such as the iPhone or iPad....

Startech MXTHQMM15A

Startech MXTHQMM15A 15ft VGA Monitor Cable with 3.5mm Audio