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Neutrik NP3C

1/4" professional phone plug, all metal, no rivets. 3 pole. Nickel housing and nickel contacts....

Neutrik NP2RX

The heavy duty professional phone plug series improves on the design of the existing C series by offering the thinnest available A-gauge 1/4" plug with unique Neutrik chuck type strain relief on the market. The slimline shell with a width of 14.5 mm meets the most recent requirements for highest density...

Neutrik NC3MPP

Panel Mount Plastic P Series Male XLR, Black...

Neutrik NC3FPP

Neutrik NC3FPP Female Chassis Mount Black Plastic

Neutrik NP3RX

Neutrik NP3RX Right Angle TRS 1/4 In.

Neutrik NYS231

Neutrik NYS231 1/8in Male Nickel Connectors

Neutrik NC3FRX

Neutrik NC3FRX 3 Pin Nickel Right Angle XLRF -Slim

Neutrik NTP3RC

3 pole 3.5 mm audio plug, solder termination, chuck type strain relief, bushing, nickel housing, nickel contacts

The only right-angled metal bodied 3.5 mm jack plug with chuck type strain relief for secure cable retention. It accepts cables from 2.0 to 4.5 mm


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Neutrik NJ3FP6C

This series features the Neutrik innovation of a securely locking 1/4" jack with latch release. Mates with all mono or stereo plugs. Features the same hole cut-out as all Neutrik "D" series panel mount receptacles....

Neutrik NF2D-5

Neutrik NF2D-5 RCA panel connector, Green, nickel