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Middle Atlantic DUP-2

The Middle Atlantic Duplex Receptacle Punchout DUP2 is a special, punchout panel designed for use with multiple receptacles. Removal of receptacle ears is necessary to fit between UCP bars. This model features four receptacle punchouts. Use this unique punchout to manage multiple receptacles in your...

TCH 507-3100806

TCH 507-3100806 3/8in Aluminium Extrusion Tongue Per Foot

TCH 507-3103806

3/8" Aluminum Groove. For use with any TCH 3/8" panels.FEATURES:Weight: 0.15 poundsMaterial: Aluminum...

TCH 508-3901900

Standard Carpet Covering. Non-woven fibre construction, weighing 10oz per sq. yard. 48" width.FEATURES:Weight: 1 poundMaterial: Polyester Fiber...

TCH 514-450800

5" x 7" Recessed Dish. Can be customized by installer.FEATURES:Weight: 0.68 poundsMaterial: Steel...

TCH 504-1722800 Zinc

Four-Hole Clamp. 15 gauge with rivet protectors. FEATURES:
  • Weight: 0.09 pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • ...

    Penn Fab C1340Z-PE4

    Penn Fab C1340Z-PE4 Zinc Heavy Duty Ball Corner

    TCH 511-5299854 Soft Rubber

    2-1/2" Swivel Caster. 2-1/2" Heavy duty black rubber tire. 120lbs / 55kg load capacity.FEATURES:Weight: 1.09 poundsMaterial: Steel / Rubber...

    TCH 502-1020800

    Combination Flat Corner & Clamp. For lid applications, 18 gauge steel. FEATURES:
  • Weight: 0.15 pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • ...