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Antari Z-3

Product Features:
  • Cable Length : 3M
  • Connector : 1/4 Stereo
  • Function : Volume , ON/OFF
  • Compatible With : Z-350

American DJ ADJ RFC

RF (Radio frequency) wireless remote control compatible with specific ADJ products.Product Features:
  • Black Out: Turns fixture On/Off
  • Auto Run: Automatically run through built-in programs
  • Program Selection: Access units built-in programs
  • Flash: Strobe effect
  • Speed:...

American DJ ELAR-WR

Product Features:
  • Designed for quick and easy infrared wireless control of Elation Architectural products
  • Black Out
  • Auto Run Button Automatically run through all pre-set programs
  • Select Program Button control access to pre-set programs
  • Flash Button Active strobe...

American DJ UC IR

The UC IR infrared remote gives you control of various functions to a variety of ADJ fixtures with IR capabilities. To control the fixture you must aim the remote at the front of the fixture and be no more than 30 feet away....

Chauvet IRC-6

The Chauvet IRC-6 is an easy-to-use infrared remote control (IRC) for IRC compatible lighting fixtures. It provides instant access to pre-programmed scenes, color mixing options and on-the-fly speed adjustments. This compact and lightweight remote has an approximate range of 30 feet (9 m).Product Features:
  • Wireless...

American DJ ADJ LED RC2

Product Features & Specifications:
  • Includes Red, Green, Blue, Amber and White LED control
  • Wireless infrared remote control up to 15 ft./4.5M
  • Black Out: Turns fixture On/Off
  • Program Selection: Access units built-in programs
  • Flash: Strobe effect mode
  • Speed:...

American DJ ADJ LED RC3

Control your lights wirelessly with the ADJ LED RC3. This remote can handle any task and offers an easy interface so you can focus on your performance instead of finding the right button. Eliminate any hassle and use this remote to create a stunning show.Control warm white, cool white and amber LED colors...

American DJ ADJ LED RC4

Product Features:
  • Controls the Mega 64 HEX Pak
  • RGBWAW+UV control
  • Program selection
  • Blackout mode
  • Strobe activation
  • DMX address setting
  • DMX channel modes
  • Auto mode
  • Sound activity
  • Slave mode
  • Dimmer output intensity control...

American DJ FF1000WR

This Wireless Remote from American DJ allows you to wirelessly control the settings on the Fog Fury 1000 haze machine....

American DJ FF23TR

This FF23TR Timer Remote from American DJ is designed for use with the Fog Fury 2000 and 3000 haze machines. It allows users to control the output and duration of emission....