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Antari W-1A

Antari W-1A Wireless Remote for W-510

Antari Z-10

Antari Z-10 On/Off Remote Control

Antari Z-40

Z-Series Timer Remote, Cable Length: 25 ft. Connector: 1/4 Stereo, Function: Timer with interval and duration; manual ON/OFF, Compatible With: Z-800II, Z-1000II,Z-1020...

Antari Z-50

Product Features:
  • Working Distance : Wireless, up to 50 M
  • Connector : 1/4 Stereo
  • Function : Wireless ON/OFF
  • Compatible With : Z-800II, Z-1000II, Z-1020

Antari Z-6

Product Features:
  • Cable Length : 25 ft
  • Connector : 5 Pin DIN
  • Function : Timer with volume and duration ; Continuous Hazing;manual ON/OFF
  • Compatible With : Z-300II

Antari Z-9

Product Features:
  • Working Distance : Wireless, up to 50 M
  • Connector : 4 Pin XLR
  • Function : Wireless ON/OFF
  • Compatible With : Z-1200II, LCU-1

Chauvet WMS

WMS is a wireless transmitter that automatically triggers compatible foggers with motion activation. Features convenient mounting options. Built-in delay time and sensitivity knobs offer excellent customization and control. Front-facing battery compartment allows quick battery changes. Built-in dip switches...

Antari X-10 PRO

Product Features & Specifications:
  • Cable Length: 2 M
  • Connector: 5 Pin XLR
  • Function: Timer with interval, duration and volume; set DMX address; continuous fogging; manual ON/OFF. (All above functions are displayed on a LCD screen and can be set precisely in seconds or percentage)
  • Compatible...

Ultratec CLF-2465

Ultratec CLF-2465 Remote for Hazer