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Lighting - Atmospheric Effects:Haze Machines

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American DJ Haze Generator

  • Creates an instant mist of fog!
  • The Haze Generator is a heater-less fog machine that produces an even mist of fog instantly
  • No warm-up time necessary
  • Great for stage performances, bands, clubs, bowling centers etc.
  • 30 foot remote control with timer,...

Antari HZ-100

This durable, compact size Antari HZ-100 conveniently lends itself to stage, concert and movie work where ease of operation is desired.The Antari HZ-100 haze machine comes equipped with an efficient, maintenance-free air compressor where no warming time required before operation, just turn on and you...

Antari HZ-400

The HZ-400 is equipped with an internal, maintenance-free air compressor, a sophisticated haze transfer mechanism, and a specially designed liquid tank.The HZ-400 is equipped with two haze nozzles capable of producing virtually invisible large volume of haze output. The fine translucence and non-stop...

Antari HZ-500

Antari is proud to unveil the innovative Hazer with passion, HZ-500,to entertainment industry. This groundbreaking masterpiece created by Antari R&D team is invested with enormous experience in studying and designing haze machines after years of hard work. Therefore, the performance of HZ-500 is...

Jem Compact Hazer Pro

Robust yet small and lightweight, the Jem Compact Hazer Pro is a versatile haze machine designed for the highly demanding professional market. Its ability to produce exceptional atmospheric haze effects in a short period of time while operating at low noise levels make it ideal for nearly any application...

Jem Magnum 2500Hz

The Magnum 2500 Hz is a plug-and-play, easy-to-use hazer suitable for DJs, smaller venues, bars, and clubs. With a large fluid container and optional DMX the hazer is ideal for installations.Product Features:
  • Continuous output
  • Output and density level control
  • 2500 m/min fog output
  • Integrated...

MARQ Haze 700

Create dramatic haze effects with the compact, easy-to-use Haze 700. A variable output control makes it simple to achieve the exact feel youre looking for and the included wired remote ensures simple operation.Product Features:
  • 700W hazer
  • Small footprint
  • Up to 4 hours run time...

MARQ Haze 800 DMX

The Haze 800 DMX delivers haze effects custom-tailored to your exact requirements. DMX functions give you advanced programming options and complete control over every aspect of the units performance. You can select from 1100% fan speed or haze output and the included wired remote ensures simple operation.Product...

Rosco V-Hazer

Quiet and reliable, the V-Hazer utilizes innovative, internal baffles to maximize airflow, which generates greater output and thorough dispersion of fog particles - all of which ensures a great haze that spreads consistently and smoothly throughout the venue.In order to provide a silent performing space,...

Ultratec Radiance Hazer

Ultratecs Radiance Haze Machine is the next major advancement in Water Based Haze Technology. Once again, Ultratec is setting new standards that all other haze machines will be measured against. Features include: Built-In DMX that controls both the Haze Output and the Internal Fan. This combination offers...
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