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Lighting - Gels

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Rosco 3204

Mired Shift -68 Boosts 3200K sources to 4100K. A partial conversion to compensate for varying daylight conditions and voltage reduction, or to boost aging HMI lamps and yellowed soft lights. Deep-dyed base. Transmission = 52%.FStop: -0.9s...

Lee Filters S104

Deep Amber |Good for sunlight effect, accents and side light. Be careful of skin tones under the reddish tint of this colour....

Lee Filters Diffusion - Red

Lee Filters Diffusion - Red 20x24 Sheet

Lee Filters S353

Lee Filters S353 Lighter Blue Gel

Rosco 3408

Mired Shift +81 Converts 5500K daylight to 3800K. Used when partial correction is desired or when daylight is below 4500K. Optically clear. (Transmission = 73%).(FStop: -0.5s)...

Rosco Lux 3220

Rosco Lux 3220 Sheet

Rosco Lux 68

Rosco Lux 68 Sheet..

Lee Filters 209 0.3ND

Lee Filters 209 0.3ND

Lee Filters 210 0.6ND

Lee Filters 210 0.6ND

Lee Filters S136

Pale Lavender |Great for pantomimes and ballroom sets. Also enhances dark skin tones in follow spots....