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Rosco Lux 27

Rosco Lux 27 Sheet

Lee Filters S004

Lee Filters S004 Medium Bastard Amber Sheet

Rosco 3409

Rosco 3409 1/4 CTO Cinegel Sheet

Rosco Lux 104

Rosco Lux 104 Tough Silk Sheet

Rosco Lux 318

Rosco Lux 318 Mayan Sun Sheet

Rosco Lux 58

Rosco Lux 58 Sheet

Rosco Lux 116

Rosco Lux 116 Tough White Diffusion Sheet

Lee Filters S008

Lee Filters S008 Dark Salmon Gel Sheet

Lee Filters S068

Sky Blue |Good for morning skin tones and night skies. Great for cyclorama lights....

Lee Filters S105

Orange Sheet | Good for light entertainment and functions. Creates a good fire effect when used with 106, 166, 104....