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Lee Filters S181

Congo Blue |Looks like black light when used with a fluorescent source. Great effect colour. Very saturated....

Lee Filters S195

Zenith Blue Sheet |Creates a good moonlight effect on a dark set. Also good for cycloramas....

Lee Filters S707

Ultimate Violet | Used in musical performances for general colour washes and set lighting....

Rosco Lux 119

Rosco Lux 119 Sheet

Rosco Lux 15

Rosco Lux 15 Sheet

Rosco Lux 19

Rosco Lux 19 Sheet

Rosco Lux 4630

Rosco Lux 4630 Sheet

Rosco Lux 59

Rosco Lux 59 Indigo Sheet

Lee Filters S716

Mikkel Blue |A romantic blue to produce a night effect....

Lee Filters S116

Medium Blue Green |A pleasing effect for theatrical lighting....