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Lee Filters S129

Heavy Frost Filter |A strong diffusion that eliminates nearly all shadows. Flame retardant....

Lee Filters S208

Lee Filter 208 Full C.T. Orange + .6ND (2 stops of light)....

Rosco 4260

Photographic lighting filter equal to CC60B. Enhances blue transmission by effectively reducing green and red exposure by 2 stops. Heat resistant base. Deep dyed. (Transmission = 24%).(FStop: -2.1)...

Rosco Lux 02

Rosco Lux 02 Bastard Amber Sheet

Rosco Lux 05

Rosco Lux 05 Rose Tint Sheet

Rosco Lux 13

Rosco Lux 13 Straw Tint Gel Sheet

Rosco Lux 54

Rosco Lux 54 Sheet

Rosco Lux 26

Rosco Lux 26 Lt Red Sheet

Rosco Lux 66

Rosco Lux 66 Sheet

Lee Filters S420

Light Opal Frost |A weak diffusion similar to Opal Frost, but less diffuse. Manufactured on a 36 micron polyester base....