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Lighting - Gobos

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Rosco 77838

Rosco 77838 Palm Tree Gobo

Rosco A Size Steel (Custom)

Rosco A Size Steel (Custom) Custom Stainless Steel A Size Gobo

Chauvet EZGobo

EZgobo is a battery-powered LED gobo projector, that can project a custom image anywhere . Its magnetic base affixes to most metal surfaces, eliminating the need for clamps, and the scissor clip with eye loop easily attaches to drop ceiling supports, for quick setup and cable management. Wireless on/off...

Rosco 79403 Tropical Tree

Rosco 79403 Tropical Tree Standard Steel Gobo

Rosco 79106

Rosco 79106 Leafy Branches 1 Lighting Gobo

Rosco Bare Branches 2

Rosco Bare Branches 2 A Size Metal Gobo

Rosco Bare Branches 2 B

Rosco Bare Branches 2 B B Size Metal Gobo

Rosco Gobo Stainless Steel Belfry

Patterns, or gobos, are widely used by designers in theatre, film, photography and television to create atmosphere, project scenery, and generally enhance the visual impact of their lighting.Conceived by some of the worlds leading lighting designers, the Rosco range presently includes over 700 standard...

Rosco 71045 A

Rosco 71045 A Size A Renaissance Field Steel Gobo

Rosco 76508

Rosco 76508 Butterflies