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Chauvet CH-02

The CH-02 features a half height adjustable bar and a T-shaped bar for mounting various lighting effects. Maximum capacity of 100 lb (45 kg). The stand includes 8 mounting screws and safety pins. Extended to the maximum, reaches a height 12 feet (3.7 m).Features:
  • Heavy-duty aluminum...

Chauvet CH-06

CH-06 is a portable, lightweight T-Bar tripod stand with a 50 lbs. (5 kg) weight capacity and quick setup and teardown time. Easy-to-hang mounting points and an extra adaptor turns CH-06 into the perfect base for mounting small moving yoke and followspot fixtures.Product Features:
  • Light weight...

Chauvet CH-31

The Chauvet CH-31 is a lightweight portable trussing solution that provides mobile DJs an opportunity to raise their fixtures into the air. The CH-31 lighting stand has a load capacity of 200 pounds, and can be fully extended to a height of nine feet. Featuring a weight of just 46 pounds, the CH-31 is...

Chauvet Nimbus Cart

Nimbus Cart easily transports your Nimbus dry ice machine to and from the car and around the dance floor. Four high-strength, ball bearing casters allow for smooth transportation, while two locking casters securely transport Nimbus by locking it in place.Product Features:
  • Easily transport your...

Erikson Pro LTS12-1-AC

Product Features:
  • High quality aluminum tripod lighting stands w/compressed air release
  • Patented air-cushion height release for safe operation, w/locking pins
  • Includes 1 x 48" (38mm x 1.22m) T-bar with 4 hanging point bolts and bracing
  • Tripod extends to 12 f t. (3.5 m)...

Global Truss DT-3800L

DT-3800L - 12ft. Crank Stand 176 lbs. Max LoadMaximum load 176 lbs. 80kgMinimum load 22 lbs. 10kgMaximum height 12.46 ft. 3800mmFolded height 5.75 ft. 1755mmWeight 37.47 lbs. 17kgFoot extension dia. 3.93ft 1200mm...

Global Truss DT-3900L

13ft. Crank Stand 250 lbs. Max LoadMaximum load 250 lbs. 113kgMinimum load 22 lbs. 10kgMaximum height 12.46 ft. 3800mmFolded height 6.0 ft. 1828mmWeight 46 lbs. 20.86 kgFoot extension dia. 5.0 ft 1524mmTruss Adapter & Lighting Bar Sold Separately...

Global Truss DT-LB3800

Global Truss DT-LB3800 Round Lighting T Bar

Global Truss GT-LB132


Global Truss ST-132

Medium Duty Lighting Crank Stands.
  • MIN HEIGHT 5.9ft
  • MAX HEIGHT 13.2ft
  • FOOTPRINT 63" x 63"
  • UNIT WEIGHT 55lbs.