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One Control DC-15-LS

One Control DC-15-LS DC Cable (15cm) Right-Angled to Straight

One Control DC-15-LL

One Control DC-15-LL DC Cable (15cm) angle-angle

Radial R15DC-US

This R15DC-US Radial and Tonebone 15V Power Supply is the perfect external DC power supply for most of your Radial or Tonebone music gear. Whether you're ditching those expensive 9V batteries or replacing an old power supply that's kicked the bucket, this R15DC-US will do the trick. It's designed to...


EBS PCF-18 Patch Cable 90 Flat - 18cm

Voodoo Lab PPAV

This splitter adapter cable divides one Pedal Power output to two pedals. The splitter has two 2.1mm jacks which will connect to any 2.1mm plug. The white stripe cable is ground lifted to eliminate ground loops....

Voodoo Lab PPAY

For pedals with higher voltage requirements, use this voltage doubling adapter with a 2.1mm jack to combine two Pedal Power outputs to make 18V or 24V. Ideal for MXR Flanger and Dime Distortion, Crybaby 535Q, various Fulltone and Keeley products.This adapter will accept any cable with a 2.1mm plug.Product...

D-Addario PW-9VPC-02

D-Addario PW-9VPC-02

Dunlop CD-6AC

Dunlop CD-6AC CD Power Cable w/ angled plugs For 5 Pedals

One Control DC-30-LS

One Control DC-30-LS DC Cable (30cm) Right-Angled to Straight

One Control EPA-2000

Product Features:
  • 2000mA Power Adapter
  • 9V center-negative DC
  • Recommended for: Micro Distro and other pedals
  • 2.1mm barrel plug
  • 100-240V AC, for use all around the world
  • 1.5m cable length
  • Built-in noise filter