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Dunlop 105JD

J.D. Stringwinder. After ordering please contact us to specify colour (yellow, white, black). If no specification is made, we will send the black stringwinder....

D-Addario PW-CR2032-04

D-Addario PW-CR2032-04 CR2032 battery (ea)

Dunlop Lok Strap

Dunlop Lok Strap Strap Lock for Guitar Players

D-Addario PW-FRP Fret Polishing System

The D'Addario Fret Polishing System is the secret to making any guitar or basses frets shine like new. Contains 5 sheets of reusable fret polishing paper and includes a polishing template to place over the fretboard during polishing. Within minutes you can remove all the dirt, grime and corrosion...

Dunlop JD100

Dunlop JD100 Stringwinders Black (Price Per Winder)

Dunlop 5000

Springloaded,sleek black pickholder keeps picks close at hand

Black plasticconstruction


Shubb SHUBB-C1

Shubb SHUBB-C1 Guitar Capo Nickel

D-Addario PW-MPH-01

The D'Addario Microphone Stand Pick Holder features not one but two pick holding channels to fit twice the amount of picks as the competitors in the same space. The holder attaches easily to any microphone stand so you always have plenty of picks on hand.

  • Holds 10 standard shape picks
  • Two...

D-Addario PW-TGPB-01

D-Addario PW-TGPB-01

Dunlop JD-654

Formula 65 has been created to provide optimum cleaning, exceptional shine, and incredible protection. It is safe and easy to use, and is made without harsh chemicals or ingredients. Removes dust, smoke, and grime....