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K&M 216

The K&M 216 is nickel-plated thread adapter (5/8" 27 gauge female thread, 3/8" male thread)....

Rode SC1

The SC1 is a premium shielded extension cable for the smartLav and smartLav+ TRRS microphones. Measuring 6m/20', the SC1 features gold plated contacts for superior audio reproduction....

Galaxy Audio MSA-1

Spun aluminum stand adaptor to mount Hot Spot and Hot Spot PA's to mic stands. Works with all Hot Spot Monitors.


On-Stage Stands CW3

The On-Stage CW3 will fit shafts from 14 mm (9/16") and up to 22mm (7/8").Product Features:
  • Solid steel construction
  • Color: Black
  • 3 lbs

On-Stage Stands MA125

On-Stage Stands MA125 Microphone Screw Adapter

On-Stage Stands MA300

On-Stage Stands MA300 Microphone Screw Adapter

On-Stage Stands MM01

Precise mic placement has never been easier! Use the MM-01 with any standard mic clip, shock mount, stereo bar, or self-mounting microphone. The MM-01s ball joint provides 360 rotation and 180 tilt, making fine-tuned mic positioning a breeze. The ball joint itself features a textured finish, so the locking...

Shure A15LA

The Shure A15LA 50 dB attenuator reduces the level of an audio signal by 50dB. This allows a line level output such as an aux level output from a mixer or playback device, to be connected to a microphone input on another mixer or recorder. Female XLR to Male XLR.The A15LA can be used with either balanced...

On-Stage Stands CM01

Video camera/digital recorder adapter.Allows 360 pan movement and 180 tilt.


Shure A15AS

The Shure A15AS Switchable In-Line Attenuator reduces the level of any balanced microphone or line-level signal by 15, 20, or 25 dB. It is specially suited to reducing the level of a high-output microphone to prevent it from overloading the microphone input of a mixer or recorder in applications with...