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On-Stage Stands MY100

This microphone clip from On-Stage Stands features a 5/8"- 27 female threaded insert and strong plastic base....

On-Stage Stands DM01

Drum Mic Clip,Securely attaches to a drum rim and works with any 5/8- 27 mic clip. Black finish.
  • Securely attaches to a drum rim
  • Works with any 5/8"- 27 mic clip
  • Black finish


The Audix DVICE is a flexible mini-gooseneck with spring loaded rim mount clamp. Includes DCLIP plastic clip for D Series. Provided with all D Series mic packs....

On-Stage Stands MY325

On-Stage Stands MY325 Dynamic Shock-Mount MicClip

Shure WA371

Securely mounts the Shure wireless handheld transmitters to standard microphone stands....


The Audix DCLAMP is a flexible mini-gooseneck with drum tension lug clamp for D2, D4. Other mics can be used by replacing clip....

Shure A25D

The A25D is a break resistant stand adapter for the SM58, SM57, SM87A, Beta 87A and all other microphones with 3/4" and larger handles (not recommended for use with most wireless handheld transmitters)....

Rode RM2 (rode)

The RM2 is a low profile professional stand mount for most RODE large condenser microphones.It screws onto the bottom of the microphone providing an easy and convenient attachment system for your large diaphragm condenser microphones.Includes 3/8-5/8" adaptor.Product Specifications:
  • Weight: 59.00gm
  • Dimensions:...


The Audix DCLIP is a heavy-duty nylon molded snap on microphone clip provided with D Series, ADX51 & SCX Series. May also be used with ADX12, ADX18, TM1 as well as DVICE, DCLAMP and DFLEX mounting clips....

On-Stage Stands MY200

On-Stage Stands MY200 Clothespin-Style Plastic Mic Clip