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Galaxy Audio CBL-SEN-BG

HSM3 & ESM3 CABLE FOR MOSTSENNHEISER BELT PACKS: w/3.5mmlocking wired for most Sennheiser systems...

Galaxy Audio JIB/PB

For adapting any of our headset or lapel mics to a standard XLR wired system, Phantom or Non-phantom. 3pin TB3M Input Connector and Cannon 3pin XLRM Output Connector.Great for Use in Churches, Schools, and Bands.Product Features:
  • Allows users with wired systems to use headset or lavalier microphones
  • Works...

Neumann BS 48 I

Neumann BS 48 I Battery Supply

Neumann BS 48 I-2

Neumann BS 48 I-2 Battery Supply

Neumann MNV 100

Neumann MNV 100 Auditorium Hanger (Black)

Neumann MNV 21 MT

Neumann MNV 21 MT Auditorium Hanger with Tilting Clamp(Black)

Neumann MNV 87

Neumann MNV 87 Auditorium Hanger with Rotating Threaded Stud (Nickel)

Neumann MNV 87 MT

Neumann MNV 87 MT Auditorium Hanger with Rotating Threaded Stud (Black)

Neumann PA 100

Neumann PA 100 Pistonphone Adapter for KU 100 Dummy Head

Neumann STV 20

Neumann STV 20 Stand Extension, 20 cm (Black)