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Shure UA844 Plus SWB-LC

Shure UA844 Plus SWB-LC Antenna Distribution Unit

Audio-Technica ATW-A3C

  • Pair of UHF (540-565 MHz) half wave antennas with BNC connectors.

Audio-Technica ATW-A3D

  • Pair of UHF (655-680 MHz) half wave antennas with BNC connectors.

Sennheiser A2003-UHF

A passive directional antenna for transmission or reception offering a 14dB front to back ratio, this can be mounted on a microphone stand thread.

Frequency range: 450 - 960MHz, Connector: BNC.


Sennheiser ASA214-UHF

The Sennheiser ASA 214-UHF is a 4-way antenna splitter for use with EW G4 & EW G4 wireless receivers. It has inputs for 2x diversity aerials and feeds signal to up to 4x connected receivers. DC power is also supplied to the receivers over the aerial cables, which avoids the need for multiple individual...

Shure HA-8089

Shure HA-8089 Helical antenna for wireless and personal stereo monitor systems

Shure PA805Z2-RSMA

The PA805Z2-RSMA Passive Directional Antenna both improves reception of transmitter signals and minimizes interference from any 2.4 GHz sources near receivers.A key part of any GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless installation, PA805Z2-RSMA works exclusively with GLX-D Advanced.

Includes 10' RSMA...

Shure UA221

The Shure UA221 Antenna Splitter/Combiner Kit includes two adapters that can be used as one-input, two-output or two-input, one-output passive antenna splitter/combiners for UC4, SLX4, ULXS4, ULXP4, U4S, U4D, UR4S and UR4D receivers.Product Features:The UA221 Kit lets you split an incoming signal into...

Shure UA400B

Antenna, 1/4 Wave, for SLX4, U4S, U4D and UC4 Receivers, 470-752 MHz...

Shure UA440

Front Mount Antenna Kit, The Shure Model UA440 Antenna Rack Mount Kit allows the antennas supplied with Shure wireless receivers to be mounted on a standard 19-inch (483 mm) audio equipment rack....