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Microphones - Wireless:Handheld Microphones

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Shure QLXD2/SM58

Shure QLXD2/SM58 Handheld Transmitter for QLXD System

Audio-Technica ATW-T220AD

2000a Series handheld microphone transmitter with a cardioid dynamic element.ATW-T220a Handheld Microphone Transmitter features PRO41 capsule for maximum feedback rejection and consistent sound. Tone Lock tone squelch system fights interference....

Audio-Technica ATW-T341bC

Just the Microphone3000 Series Frequency-agile TrueDiversityUHFWireless SystemsAudio-Technica's third-generation 3000 Series wireless systems offer up to 1001 selectableUHFfrequencies and new features for clearsound& intuitive operation. We've simplified selection of usable frequencies, increased...

Galaxy Audio AS-TVHH

Product Features:
  • 96 Selectable Channels
  • Channel Selector
  • LCD Display
  • Dynamic Capsule
  • Built-in-Antenna
  • 3-Bar Battery Condition indicator
  • Hi/Low Volume + Mute Switch
  • Functions from 2 AA Batteries (About 14 hours)
  • DC Charging Input
  • 8.3...

Sennheiser XSW 1-835

Raise your voice. Go for XS WIRLESS 1 and rely on a solid wireless transmission with up to 10 compatible channels in a stable UHF band. The XS WIRELESS 1 VOCAL SET is an easy to use all-in-one wireless system for singers and presenters, excellent for live sound featuring Sennheisers renowned evolution...

Shure SLX2/BETA58

SLX Wireless Systems feature a wide variety of industry-standard handheld vocal microphones. SLX Wireless Handheld Transmitters includes timed backlit LCD display, frequency and power lockout, and "Mute" functionality. The transmitter design allows for interchangeable microphone cartridges. Options...

Shure ULXD2/B58-G50

Shure ULXD2/B58-G50 Handheld transmitter with BETA58A supercardioid microphone

Shure ULXD2/K8B-G50

Shure ULXD2/K8B-G50 Wireless Handheld Transmitter

Shure ULXD2/SM58-G50

Shure ULXD2/SM58-G50 Handheld transmitter with SM58 cardioid microphone

Electro-Voice HT-300-A

The Electro-Voice HT-300 Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter is intended for use with the Electro-Voice R300 true-antenna diversity receiver (not included). The handheld microphone transmitter features 32 user selectable frequency channels and EZsync infrared channel syncing between the receiver...